Little Trae Young Dominates LA Fitness All-Stars in the Drew League

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It’s crazy to me that as a kid I never saw a player anywhere close to NBA level. Well I take that back, a kid I played is currently in the Summer League so I guess he’s pretty close. Regardless, on the day to day courts we haunted all across town there were the guys in the mid-20’s and 30’s who we all thought were the best players we had ever seen.

Trae Young is an undersized point guard with lack luster athleticism, who is simply obliterating the guys comparable to the absolute TOP TALENT you ever saw hoopin’ growing up. The talent gap is obviously present from the NBA and any other league, but seeing a guy like Trae Young just absolutely make the top of the rest talent look like fools is still so perplexing to me.

He’s a helluva player, (duh) but seeing the talent gap illustrated like this in front of your eyes to the point where you feel sorry for grown-ass men who are great ball players because they’re getting made fools of is astounding.

That is all.