86 Year Old Gil Brandt Dishin’ Out the Shmoke on Casual Friday.

Imagine gettin’ on the ole Twitter machine, firing off a lil innocuous response to an NFL team account like “qander3422” did here:

You shoot off the tweet, acknowledge how smart you seem in your brain and go on about your day.  Nothing like disparaging a lil’ celebrity to let off a little steam.  They’ve got too many followers to respond to someone like you, so why not act like a smart ass.  It’s your chance!

The perfect crime.


You look back at your phone.

It’s getting blown up.

You think to yourself…”Did I FINALLY go viral? It’s my big day!”

You’re excited as all hell until you find out that you got absolutely bodied by a man that looks like this.

Image result for gil brandt


Gil, or whoever he dictated this too, even went through the trouble of putting parenthesis around who the players he’s talking about are.  Nothing makes you feel like a simpleton than getting something explained to  you.  Especially from a guy like your grandfather. Poor “qander”. (Is this the football version of “mansplaining”?)

Most are out there on a patio, catching a happy hour and nice Spring weather.

86 year old Gil, he’s catching bodies.