Trace McSorley “Baker 2.0” is Kindly Asked to Participate in DB Drills at the NFL Combine.

Now let me set something straight before continuing; Trace McSorley was a very good college QB.  As far as Penn State is concerned, they got their money’s worth and then some out of the 3-star recruit from Virginia.  However, they hype train of him as an NFL quarterback had already left the station before he had a chance to control it.

I swear the 2016/7 Rose Bowl broke the media’s mind’s.  If you don’t recall, that is also the game that put Sam Darnold at the top of draft boards as well.  It was an incredible game, not just for the quarterbacks perspective, but from a football fans.  A combined 10 touchdowns from the quarterbacks and over a hundred combined points.  A 17 point comeback 4th quarter from Darnold and the Trojans.  It’s a top-5 game of the past 5 college football seasons and seemingly brought the underclassmen QB’s firmly into the spotlight.

Darnold, for what it’s worth never had a game as good as that one again; a streak that has continued through one season in the NFL.

For McSorley though, it put the first year starter on the map as one of the rising players going into the next season.  There were Heisman prospects, All-American hopes, and perhaps most egregiously…comparisons to Baker Mayfield?

Trace McSorley; Pretty solid to good college Qb with moments of greatness.

Baker Mayfield: Probably a top 5 College Qb of all time.

But low hanging fruit is insatiable to the shmucks of the sports media world.

Look at these idiots.



I remember thinking of how lazy the Baker to Johnny Manziel comparisons were, but these might be even worse.  Johnny at the very least was a phenomenal college football player.  The comparison was lazy in the fact that their skill-sets are substantially different.  Regardless of that fact though, it’s an easy comparison to make because they were both successful, short, white, and mobile Quarterbacks from Texas.  Lazy, sure, when talking about NFL prospects.  Absolutely.   In terms of success though, its feasible.

Trace McSorley though always seemed to be the media darling that had hype built around him.   He’s also short, white, and mobile…DING DING DING. Just like Baker! There we go with more low hanging fruit.  It was always speculation. Never proven.

At least Manziel was a first round pick.

And now, it looks like Noodle-armed McSorley will either go undrafted, or get picked up as a Safety.  And that’s not a knock on him, because like I said he was a pretty damn good college quarterback and exceeded his expectations.  But, the fact remains…something I and everyone else outside of State College, PA that has a brain and eyes knew.  He ain’t Baker Mayfield.

Regardless, it seems like the NFL scouts can evaluate talent like someone who actually watches football as opposed to “talking heads” trying to build a narrative.  Case and point when Steven A. Smith called the blazing Dwayne Haskins “more of a runner than passer” despite the 1.6 ypc this year and 5.04 40 time two weeks later.

Just a friendly reminder, listen to the actual experts on this stuff.  Not the biggest names.  I’m here for you.