Why Kyler Murray will be the #1 Pick of the NFL Draft.

I’ve written extensively about Kyler in the past, and if you wish to read so, the articles are on the site. People are proud of him for measuring over 5’10 today, so congratulations for Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murray I guess for passing on those genes. Due to this development I think Kyler could go anywhere in the top 10 of the draft, but I’m beginning to suspect more and more he will be #1.

There are many reasons for this, but first and foremost is the quote/unquote “revolution” going on in the NFL right now. Smaller guys like Russel Wilson and Baker Mayfield are leading the charge at the Quarterback position, while coaches such as Sean McVay, Matt Nagy, and Andy Reid are proving the stoic and statuesque pocket passer isn’t a necessity to win games. All of these things are working in Kylers favor no doubt, but there’s two things in my opinion that solidified in my eyes that Kyler will be the #1 pick in the 2019 NFL draft.

The first reason, as crazy and as dumb as it sounds is his hand-size. He mitts measured in at 9.5 inches, which was bigger than 2018 first round picks Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson. People are hung up on his height, and granted, if you believe that matters then there is good reason for the concern. To me though, that was never an issue for several reasons. One, his O-Line at the University of Oklahoma will all play in the NFL (four of them will be drafted this year, the 5th is probably the most talented but won’t be eligible until 2020), and two; if you draft Kyler Murray and plan on playing him in the same type of scheme as say, Andrew Luck, then you’ve wasted a first round pick. Height to me isn’t important. He’s shown the arm strength, the accuracy, and the touch to be an NFL quarterback all while playing behind a behemoth offensive line. Hand size though, is a more valid concern to me. Not that *I* wouldn’t draft a guy like Kyler Murray if he had small hands, but it’s understandable if a cold weather team like say, the New York Giants, passed on him because they believed he would falter in cold weather. Norman isn’t exactly tropical, and has a stiff winter, but it isn’t the upper eastern seaboard. I would encourage believers of that mindset however to watch his tape vs. West Virginia in November.

Back to the topic at hand though, I believe this hand size measurement gave GM’s of teams thinking of trading up the A-Ok to do so. Height is already one question mark to GM’s but Hand-size too? No way a short Qb with small hands would be worth trading up for (in the eyes of the old guard NFL circles).

That isn’t a concern anymore.

So teams like the Giants if they were so inclined to trade up the #1 I think would now see Kyler as the #1 Qb on the board.

The second reason has less to do with Kyler Murray, and more to do with another individual.

Kliff Kingsbury is infatuated with Kyler Murray. As the coach of Texas Tech he was on record as saying he would take Kyler as the first pick of the draft if he could, and guess what. Now he can.

Just him saying that isn’t why I firmly believe Kyler will be the #1 pick though. If the Cardinals indeed keep the pick, i believer Kyler Murray will be taking up residence in the greater Phoenix Area next year. And this is why.

People talk about “can’t miss” prospects. The John Elways, the Peyton Manning’s, the Andrew Luck’s and the Trevor Lawrence’s (get ready for that media circus). Let me tell you though. In Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive system, those guys aren’t “can’t miss”. A guy like Kyler Murray is.

There’s a reason he was recruited to Texas A&M to succeed Johnny Manziel, a guy Kliff had TREMENDOUS success with. Kliff brings QB mobility in bunches to his offense. And nobody can do that better than Kyler Murray. If Steve Keim and Cardinals management let Kliff take the reins on this, he’s taking Kyler. And let’s be honest, why would you make a radical hire like Kliff and not let him run his own offense with his own personnel? I guess the same reason a team would draft Kyler Murray to run a traditional pocket passing offense. It’s your grave your digging Steve if you handcuff Kliff. You don’t hire a guy like that to run whatever it is the Cardinals ran last year. Therefore I’m inclined to believe he’ll let the Kliff experiment prosper, because he knows what will happen otherwise. and for that reason…

I believe Kyler Murray will be the first pick of the 2019 NFL draft.