These Bastards in Jackson Hole are Crazy. See Pics From “The King’s and Queen’s of Corbet’s”: The Gnarliest Ski Competition Of Them All.


You think you’re rad?

Maybe you ski a couple time a year and consider yourself a decent skier; hell maybe you can even go off a few jumps.  Good god! Last year you finally learned how to ski backwards and completed your repertoire.  You’re the king of the mountain!

Yea, I did too.  Then I spent a few years in the mountains skiing just about everyday.  So then I thought I was a REAL good skier.  Funny thing is, skiing has a way of shooting down all delusions of grandeur, because there is just about ALWAYS someone out there better than you and there IS always someone out there ballsier than you.

That has never been more on display than today.

No ski competition proves that more of a fact than the “Kings and Queens of Corbet’s” competition that has taken place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the last two years.  If you haven’t heard of it, “Corbet’s” is one of the few ski runs in the country that no matter where you are from, people who consider themselves up to par in “ski culture” know of.  You’ve got Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington, The Eagle’s Nest Aka McConkey’s out in Squaw, and a few more but none have been romanticized and publicized as much as Corbet’s Coulior (Pronounced Coo-Lar, if you attempt to say it any other way you will get laughed at).   Any list you look at of the most difficult “In-bounds” run in the country will have Corbet’s at least in the top 3, and likely #1.   If not the most difficult it’s without a doubt the scariest.  Marmot, a top-notch outdoor company who’s undoubtedly a better source on things like this than say, Business Insider, ranked it as such.

An average “good skier” shreds a double black and thinks they’ve conquered the mountains.   This…well this is a whole ‘nother level.

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Each year Corbet’s forms differently based on how the wind  presses the snow against the cliff face.   This is relatively mild, if you can believe that.  You can ski down it straight, or you can take what the local’s call “The Goat Path” and shoot to your left and make the best right turn of your life through the narrow coulior.

Not much more of a soul-searching experience than looking down that, and deciding to ski it.  And then convincing yourself to do it.

To make matters worse, the only way to get to the sphincter-puckerer is via the Jackson Hole tram…which gives you a clear eye from the sky of what you’re soon to be skiing.  It’s a daunting thing to ski Corbet’s the first time because you focus and pep yourself up, and then you look at the motherfucker and all of the fear you just shoved out come flooding back in through the broken down dam of your mental block.

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Doesn’t look too bad huh?


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How about now?

It’s the most insane ski run in the country, and today the most insane skiers competed to see who the gnarliest was.  News flash:  They didn’t ski it like buddy above.

Check out this shit out.



All images courtesty of @JacksonHole Instagram

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Are you fucking kidding me bro? How is this real life? How are these people the same species as me?  I skiied that run (sick brag) and it was the scariest thing I’d ever done.  Note: I SKIIED it.  I got to the top, slid a little down, counted to three while telling myself I couldn’t be a pussy in front of everyone watching from above AND on the tram.  I pointed ’em and made the best right turn of my life, looked terrible,  but I made it down and had a shit-eating grin on my face.  I was probably like the 200th best skiier on the mountain that day.  They breed them different in the Tetons.

This is so far from that it doesn’t even make sense.  I think if it came down to it and you had to decide which sport has the biggest difference between the average professional and the average athletic dude from the street, this gives skiing/snowboarding as big of a case as anyone.  (Half of these guys and girls aren’t even professionals.  They’re the crazy motherfuckers that call themselves “semi-pro” ) .  Not only does skiing take sheer athleticism, it takes the ability to convince your brain and body that doing shit like this:
















Is completely fine.

Full video of the contest can be found on, but it’s not the same view.  It doesn’t do the contest justice.  I’m sure the instagram videos from their stories will get posted at some point….but until then, ogle at the screenshots and the few clips from that angle below:

This crazy motherfucker sent the hell out of it in an adaptive ski-seat!

And a clip from last year’s event, because I know you want more.

You may be asking who won.  It doesn’t matter. Not important.


It’s the wildest ride through an instagram story you’ll ever see, and if you missed it DON’T next year.