Will Kyler Murray Be the Fastest NFL Combine QB Ever?

Kyler Murray was listed as a participant for the NFL Combine today which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

While the combine means a whole lot to NFL GM’s, how people perform really doesn’t make a difference to me.  I like to tune in and check up on some guys I know and see how they did, and also to see if there are any astronomical numbers out there ala John Ross two years ago.

This year, Kyler Murray will be my prime focus but not because I give a shit about how he throws the ball or how tall he is (the #1 question for everyone else).

Nah, I wanna see if this dude can break some records.   Will Kyler go down as the fastest Quarterback ever at the combine?  Will he be the overall fastest player this year?  Both are reasonable, with the former being somewhat likely.  Let’s examine.

Funny enough, another former Texas A&M washout QB holds the current record, of course Kyler unlike Reggie overcame being benched at Texas A&M.

4.35 is the number, although Pro-football-reference shows Michael Vick putting down a 4.33 .  Not sure how officially official back the 40 was back in Vick’s day though, as NFL.com only has records back to 2006.

No one has an exact number for Kyler, as the unofficial numbers you see are usually lower than what the combine records but in 2017 Kyler claimed to have run a 4.38

These days it isn’t uncommon for the dual-threat type of QB’s to skip the 40 altogether i.e Lamar Jackson last year, but that’s usually due to them not wanting to get stigmatized as a WR at the next level.  Those questions haven’t arisen of Kyler, and I don’t expect them to, so I fully expect him to run at the combine.

The combine is a bunch of dudes working out in spandex which is kinda weird in and by itself, but it’s one of the last vestiges of football we get for 6 months so I find myself watching it every year.  One of the best things they do is the simulcast of participants 40-times.  I’ll never forget watching Jadaveon Clowney absolutely SHMOKE Johnny Manziel on one of those.

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And of course Rich Eisen gets put on blast as well:

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Anyways, I can’t wait for these if and when Kyler lays down a sub 4.4.  Kyler vs. John Ross, Kyler Vs. RG3, Kyler Vs. Johnny Football.  It’ll be cool to see him compared to previous dual-threat quarterbacks to see how his speed will translate to the NFL.  We know RG3 was like, fast-fast in the NFL so maybe there’s something we can glean from these simulcasts.  Will he beat Reggie McNeal/Mike Vicks record? To be determined.

If that 4.38 mark is accurate you gotta believe he has a chance.

Regardless, it’ll be much watch television and the College Football world will miss this man so tune in for the entertainment value.

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And My Personal Favorite:

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