There’s Really People Out There Who Want The Colorado Cougar Killer Charged With Animal Cruelty (Saving His Life)?

The internet’s a real strange place man, and social media makes it even stranger.  There’s so many types of people out there that I would have absolutely no idea existed if not for Twitter.  Literally.

You usually hang out with people you like, correct? People you have in common?

Twitter/Social Media has made all walks of life some sort of shittily concocted stew where everyone interacts with each other.

Today after writing about The Colorado Cougar Killer, I learned that people were in fact pissed that this guy selfishly saved his own life at the expense of a wild animal…Hmm.

Now look, I want to preface this by saying I’m about as pro-animal as they come.  I don’t think you should trophy hunt if you’re not eating it.  I don’t think you should shoot coyotes or other animals some consider vermon.  Hell, I think it’s ridiculous that places like the State of Texas allow you to shoot something as beautiful as a Cougar without as much as a tag.

That being said though…

Uhhhhh, if somethings trying to literally EAT you…

Ya, I’d say that’s fair game for killing an animal.

Some, however, disagree.

The Winner Though, For Wildest Take on the Colorado Cougar Killer…Is @TerryH430.

Ole Terry out there wants to know why the jolly fella didn’t “Talk it down” before killing it.

Image result for haha gif

“Why Didn’t He Just Wound It?”

What takes the Cake Though…

“Did the runner have a hunting license or a tag”


As the popular meme goes…

“Some of ya’ll have never been outside the city in your life, and it shows”

I mean shit, next thing you know someones going to be mad he didn’t try to give the cougar CPR after choking it out.

Your Daily Reminder:

It’s an unreal world we live in.