Pelican’s are Holding Out for Something a Bit Jucier than the Lakers Whole Roster?

Lakers basically offered everyone worth a buck on their roster not named “Lebron James” AND were willing to take on a shitty Solomon Hill contract and the Peli’s said…”Nah”.

I can’t really blame them either.  I’m about an inch away from writing off Lonzo, and I’ve already done it for Brandon Ingram.  KCP might as well be a warm body at this point, and Josh Hart is a millenial fortnight playing version of Shannon Brown.  Nothing special from those four.   Really this trade was based on Kyle Kuzma and the potential Ivica Zubac has shown the past month and a half.

In exchange for the best player in Basketball.

Were the Pelican’s right to say no? Well, that depends on what they think they can get for Davis.  If they don’t get something done by tomorrow (trade deadline), the offers won’t  get any better than what they have in the hand right now.  Was this Lakers offer the best they had? We’ll soon see I presume.

As a team that knows they won’t re-sign the first superstar they city has seen since prime Chris Paul, it’s a risky play.  Rumor was they had eyeing Jason Tatum and a Celtics offer earlier, those talks seem to have quelled so my question is this?  Is this them holding out, or is it a back-handed way of telling the Lakers their core is just absolute trash.  “Hey uh, ya I know we’ve got this superstar you guys want.  And I know he’s not signing with us in a year, so we’re trying real hard to get rid of him but nah, no thanks to the offer of literally ALL of your young players”.

Tough  pill to swallow for Magic and Co.

Mag better hope AD or Kawhi signs with the Lake show, because if this is any indication of what the rest of the league thinks, the young core of the Lakers is…not great.