Vegas Thinks Ole Stephen A. Smith Would Whip Derek Carr’s Ass.

I mean…

Two things to look at here.  One, that someone at Bovada somehow analyzed the fighting abilities of a enigmatic buffoon and a paper machete figurine being paid $25 Million dollars a year.  I need to know the logistics that go into  that.

Second.  How the hell is Stephen A. Smith favored in a fight against a professional athlete?  Smart move by Bovada though, because now Derek Carr HAS to  fight Stephen A. Because you simply can’t go back into your locker room full of alpha-males knowing that Vegas thinks STEPHEN A. SMITH would “Dog Walk” you.  You just cannot do that.

I know David Carr has like 1.5 functioning legs and maybe 6 intact vertebrae at this juncture, but there’s such a thing as pride.  And as an NFL Qb one would assume that he has a little bit.  I can’t imagine the hit to an NFL stars ego when right after he picks a fight with a member of the blow-hard media, the media member comes out as the favorite.  You have to reassess your life right at that moment, because your reputation is in shambles.  Does Vegas think Derek Carr is a pussy? It would appear so, because I refuse to believe they think of Stephen A. as some undercover combat connoisseur.  Tough look.

The odds are pretty even despite Carr being the underdog and if the fight ever does come to fruition (i.e if David Carr has a spine), I know one thing for certain.  We don’t have to worry about Stephen A.’s drug test results.

Image result for stephen A smith weed gif

And I can’t imagine David Carr’s evangelical ass fucks with the lettuce too much either, so Dana White let’s get this shit poppin’.  It’ll draw more eyes than that other NFL guy you employ.