Dear Sports Writers: Stop Putting Shmucks in the Hall Of Fame.

With no football being played for two weeks the sports world is moving a little slow at the moment, so the MLB took the chance to get some attention by releasing the 2019 Hall of Fame Class.  While everyone is losing their God Damn mind over Mariano River being the first ever unanimous vote-getter (Tha fuuuuck??), there’s a more pressing matter to talk about.

The Hall of Fame’s I grew up thinking were immortal grounds memorializing the elite of the elite…

Turns out that isn’t how it works anymore because across sports these murdy-ass sports writers are collectively letting in WAY too many Shmucks these days.  No better example than today when the MLB allowed Mike Mussina to all of the sudden be mentioned in the same breath as guys like Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson.


Let’s play a little game to illustrate just how preposterous this is.

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You know what Carlton, Maddux, and Johnson all have in common?

They all won multiple Cy Youngs.  You know, the award for the best pitcher in the league.

You know what else Carlton, Maddux, and Johnson all have in common?

They all won 20 games in a season more than once.  You know, the “magic number” a pitcher needs to have what’s considered an extraordinary season,

Wanna know what else Carlton, Maddux, and Johnson all have in common?

They all won over 300 games in their career. You know, the other “magic number” that puts a pitcher in the elitest of categories.

Oh! And they all have career ERA’s under 3.30.

Ole Moose on the other hand? his best qualification is a cool name and a contract with the Yankees in their glory years.  He didn’t do any of that shit listed above.

Mussina won 20 games ONE time.  NEVER won a Cy Young and only finished higher than 4th ONCE!  “Ok ok, but he pitched in the same league as Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez…It was hard for him to get one”  Hey, guess what!  Those pitchers deserve to be in the Hall of Fame BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY WON THAT SHIT.  THEY WERE ELITE.  If you can’t even win best pitcher in your respective league ONE time, you need to buy a ticket to get into the Hall of Fame.  That’s a fact.  Mussina’s career ERA is a smidge under 3.70, and by his yearly averages he would have had to play 2 more seasons to get to the 300 win mark. Oh, and he only made the All-Star game 5 times in his 16 year career.  You’re telling me that a guy who wasn’t among the top 7-10 pitchers in his respective LEAGUE for 70% of his career deserves to be enshrined forever with the games greats? Get out of here.  AND on top of that, he never even blew up a dove!

randy johnson bird GIF

Don’t get me wrong, Mike Mussina was very good for several years and abnormally was never really “bad” like you see as most players age. Hell,  the only time he won 20 games was his last season.  So I have to give him credit for that, but that credit only gets you so far.  To a place they call “The Hall of Very Good”.  In fact if there was a Hall of Fame for 2nd or 3rd arms in the rotation there’s no doubt in my mind he’d be getting the unanimous votes that Mariano is.

I’ve mentioned before what my criteria is for a player getting into the Hall of Fame.

1-Were they an elite player at their position for a prolonged amount of time?

2-Do they hit the “milestone” number marks (500 Homers, 300 wins etc.)

All I hear from my brain when I ask myself this about Mussina is a resounding NOOOOOO.

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Sidebar: Have I mentioned how stacked those Yankee teams he pitched for were? Just perrrrrrfect for compiling unearned Wins. OR the Orioles teams that gave him 19 wins with a 4.8 ERA?

Those Yankee teams allowed him to accumulate wins at a rate that preceded his ability. Being an above average player for a long amount of time is not a skill worthy of the Hall of Fame.  Hell, even being a “good” player for a prolonged amount of time shouldn’t get you in.  If you list the best pitchers of his era…How many do you name before you get to Moose? 10? Winning multiple championships as the 5th best player on your team isn’t a skill worthy of the Hall of Fame.   Shoutout Frank Gore and Eli Manning for triggering me in 7 years because you know their stat accumlating asses are getting in too.

Mike Mussina joins the likes of Yao Ming, Jerome Bettis, and Jeff Bagwell and soon to be more.  Men of stolen valor not worthy of the bust they were given.  There’s obviously nothing I can do about it but it’s just a shame that the esteemed men of the Baseball Writers of America piss and moan about the integrity of the Hall of Fame while refusing to put actual greats like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds…and then throw in schmucks like Mike Mussina.  SAD!