Is Candide Thovex’s “One of Those Days 4” On It’s Way?

If you follow skiing at all you know that the GOAT of the sport is Candide Thovex.   A month ago he skiier of the year for the third time in three years, and has the sickest instagram on the planet.   Most skiier instagrams post badass pictures of themselves doing whatever in God’s name they’re doing on that day.  Candide is no different, but he also throws in there casual clips of him doing things no other person on earth can do.  They may be only 5 seconds long, but in those 5 seconds you see shit that makes you question if you belong to the same species as ole’ Candide.

For example:

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Tournicoti @montgenevre

A post shared by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on


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Canadian breakfast Shot by @simonfavier

A post shared by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on

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Eagle Peak Shot by @simonfavier @eaglepassheliskiing

A post shared by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on

The dude rips like no other, as noted by his mantle full of “Skiier of the Year” awards but his most noted achievements to the mainstream world are his compilation videos of him doing crazy shit on ordinary terrain on ski resorts.  To call it ordinary might be a stretch, as he skis across ponds and shit, but that shows how versitile of a extreme athlete he is.  He’s a master in the park but also completely at home skiing walls you question how snow can even stick to.  Anyhow, you can check those videos below and I highly recommend it but keep reading afterwards. Deal? Ok, deal.


As far as freestyle skiing going mainstream, these videos are probably as popular as anything has ever gotten unless you count the Tanner Hall going over Chad’s gap parody on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Candide’s One of Those Days series however made Sportscenter, soooooooo getting to my point.  If you saw Candide’s latest Instagram post and have saw the videos I posted above, your crotch should be tingling.  If not, I present to you a glimpse of One of Those Days 4“???

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Canyon gap

A post shared by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on

That sure as shit to me looks like a new volume of One of Those Days.  One curious thing though was that I typed in “One of Those Days 4” on Google to see if anything regarding the production of it has been outlined and found this curious video, posted a year ago.

You’ll notice obviously it’s the same video as the Instagram, but with an age of over a year and the title of “One of Those Days 4”.  Clearly this isn’t a full rendition or a Candide produced video, but what exactly is it?

An video getting a fake title to get clicks?

A guy who stole some footage from Candide?

Footage from some Candide video I haven’t seen before and it’s my fault for missing it?

A combination of all of the above?

Hell if I know, but until shown otherwise I have to believe that it’s a little taste for the skiing world of what’s about to come.

*fingers crossed*


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