Danny Kannel is Going on a Late Night Revenge Tour on Twitter about Clemson, And I Couldn’t be More ‘Bout it.

Danny Kannel may be the most unfairly villified man in all of sports media.  At one time he was the lone voice of reason on a brainwashed network, because he was ballsy enough to question* the validity of the SEC.

*Bring up Facts

“Maybe the SEC just doesn’t have offense, so therefore their defenses look good”

“Maybe the SEC is just Alabama and then some other decent teams”

“Sure, the Big-12 doesn’t play defense, but if you penalize them for that then you have to penalize SEC teams for playing defense”

“Putting Georgia in the College Football Playoff is absurd.  They didn’t earn anything”

—-Awwwwwww Danny’s just a Troll!

whispers *What if I told you the man was factually and statistically correct”

*Sorry Danny if I may have misquoted you (Legal Disclaimer: These may not be real quotes.)*



I feel like Danny gets a real bad rap from the collective media.  They loop in in with the shmucks of the world like Skip Bayless, Stephen A., Kellerman, etc.  The guys who traded in quality journalism and pride, for hot-takes and eyeball.

Kanell may be able to stir the pot with the best of them, and assuredly,  he does.  But, his arguments are legitimately valid and statistically defensible.  If I were full of SEC pride, I would hate the man; but those are the people he’s trying to rile up.  Call it the reverse Finebaum.

Anyhow, I talked about him stirring the pot with the best of them.  And I AM ALL ABOUT THIS DANIEL.  Get they asses!


President Daniel, I am all about this and hope you carry this on all night.  Petty is as Petty Does.

Let’s go.