Clemson Just Daddy Dicked Nick Saban And Alabama…And I Am Shook.

I’ll tell you this much for starters.  What Alabama has done the past 10 years is more impressive than anything I’ve ever seen by one team over that period of time in any sport.

But what I saw tonight was as shocking of an outcome I have ever seen in a sporting event.  I thought Alabama was the better team.  I even said in a blog earlier today that the Alabama offense would be the key advantage in a game pitting two defensive oriented teams against each other.  The only other thing I can think comes close, is when the Uconn women lost to Miss. State a few years ago.  And since neither I, nor 98% of sports fans out there care about that game…THIS IS THE MOST SHOCKING SPORTING OUTCOME I’VE EVER SEEN.

I gave Clemson a chance no doubt, and I even thought it would be relatively close as I bet on Alabama to win by between 7-12 points…

But that was a whole ‘nother story.  That was an outright spanking.  To use the term “ass-kicking” would give Alabama too much credit.  Clemson bent them over their knee and spanked them bare-ass like a 3 year old who talked back to their parent.  Clemson went full on Daddy mode on Alabama, and that’s something that the world has never seen before.  It’s like the cliche movie scene where the new inmate goes to fight the baddest man in the yard, and ends up beating the shit out of him with a lunch tray.  Just unfathomable.

(For good reason) The talking heads boosted the fuck out of Alabama.  I was in agreement that I had never seen a team like this before.

Clemson made fools out of all of us.

From the first Tide possession, Clemson let it be known that they were in Santa Clara to play a god damn football game, ESPN and the critics be damned.  By half-time it wasn’t necessarily close, but Alabama still had life.  By 3 possessions into the second half, it was ball game.  Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson defense were like an anaconda choking out their prey.  I caught myself saying “Ok, it’s still not enough though, Tua and Co. are coming” and it never happened.  Not once.  Alabama didn’t score a Touchdown outside of the first quarter, and I for one…am shook.

“The SEC teams just play bigger and badder football than anywhere else”

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“Tua should have won the Heisman”

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“Georgia should have made the playoffs because they play in the SEC and lost close to the best team in the country”

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Never saw that coming, but I’m sure as shit glad I saw it.

peace. More coming tomorrow and I’ll leave you with this.

A titan has been slain.


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