A Quick and Easy Statistical Breakdown of the two Orange Bowl Signal Callers. Tua Vs. Kyler. (And Why You Shouldn’t Care)

First, I’d like to have all of my readers acknowledge the stink eye Kyler gave Tua upon their first meeting.  Also peep Herbie in the back trying to act cool.

Now back to the story at hand.  A few weeks ago as  OU QB Kyler Murray started to blossom into a legitimate Heisman contender, the University  of Oklahoma threw their marketing weight  behind him and started a campaign.  Specifically in the campaign was notably a comparison between Kyler’s stats, and the frontrunner at the time, Tua Tagvailoa’s.

The ethics of  doing so was immediately questioned by all sorts of SEC snowflakes, but that is beside the point.  Stacked against each other, Kyler’s stats  clearly showed he was having a better season, at least statistically.

Soon, all sorts of Alabama fans threw  their weight behind the argument “But Tua don’t play fourth quarters Pawwwwwwl” as if anyone in the country  had conveniently forgot the fun fact that ESPN just happened to reiterate 3 times per televised program.

Welp, OU responded with another graphic to amend these concerns from the Tide faithful.

When shown just statistics from 1-3, I’m sure numerous Tide fans were shocked to find out that Kyler is in fact a good player in all quarters of the game, not just the magical fourth  that Tua simply does not play in.  Looking at this set of stats, one could draw their own conclusions.  Both players have great  stats,  no? Well, as with any tight race objections were still flying from both sides.

“Kyler get’s to play cupcakes all year!”-as if the Citadel and Arkansas State were blue-bloods”

“Tua doesn’t have to play well, his team is so good they put up stats for him”-Not a terrible point, if it weren’t for the fact that Kyler has two possible first-round draft picks catching passes for  him, as well as the best  OL in the country.

I simply grew weary of these arguments, because its the equivalent of bitching about how Rolls Royces are better than Bugatti’s or vice-versa.  Both are very swell options.  The faithful for both sides simply couldn’t leave the argument alone, and soon the Tide faithful as well as members of the media coalesced into an argument about the amount  of time each player played on the field, exhibited by this tweet.

“Aw Hail son! No wonder Kyler’s stats are like that! He played 200 more snaps!”

Of course, with all statistics on social media it brings out the dumber audience of the human race.  Some people thought that the stat indicated that Kyler Murray had 200 more pass attempts, while others assumed that this demeaned the seasons Kyler and Haskins have had.  Either way, because I am a man of both the people and of education, I took time out of my very busy lunch break to extrapolate Tua’s stats to what they would be if he played as many snaps as Kyler.  I even showed my work for both the simpletons out there and for those who may not trust my math.


Take a look at the chart, specifically the totals at the bottom.

I will leave you with this thought though.

Stats are an absolutely horrible metric of deciding who the best player is.

Watch the games with your own  eyes and decide for yourself who the better player is.  Hell, they’re both obviously great and siding with either one of them is the correct take as long as your argument is beefier than “His stats are better!”

I would also note that all of the stats in my breakdown are compile stats.  A look at the efficiency tells us…..

Ha! Once again, both of these quarterbacks are pretty damn good!

So please.

If you’re going to argue, don’t bring up stats.  It’s splitting hairs, and I would like to inform everyone that even if it’s hard to believe there are TWO, yes 2, REALLY GOOD QUARTERBACKS.  So stop your bitching for either one, and let’s cherish the opportunity we get to see them play each other.