Late Night Gambling Picks: Week Whatever Edition.

I’ve been in the desert meditating over these picks since Monday.  This afternoon I reached Nirvana and knew, that I was in fact a God.  And I’m here to smite your bookmaker.  Grab your phone, put these bets in, and proceed with your life.  No matter what happens to you tonight, no matter how immature you act, no matter how many chicks you strike out on, and no matter how bad your moral hangover is tomorrow.  Just know, your bookie will feel worse, because he will be dead by 11pm.


Arizona – Oregon U. Spread Oregon -10 -108

Herbert…good.  Arizona? Not.  Oregon by 30+.  Load it up.

 Oklahoma – Kansas State. Total Under 64.5 -110

Oklahoma puts up over 40, but the putrid KSU offense makes the Sooners defense look incredible, earning Ruffin McNeal unmerited praise for a weak.

 UCLA – Utah. Spread UCLA +11 -114

UCLA has slowly been gaining steam the past 2-3 weeks than the team that got smokehoused by literally every team they played early in the year.  I like the way Utah plays football, they just don’t have the players to beat UCLA by two touchdowns.