College Football Gambling Picks of the Week: Week 8

It’s a busy day so I don’t have time to write up a deep hard-hitting analysis of each game, but just know you’re safe with me and the picks.  Let’s make some money.

TCU – Oklahoma. Spread Oklahoma -8 -111 @2units

I’ll just put it this way.  I hardly ever bet on an Oklahoma game.  They’re my team, and that’s all I want  to root for.  That being said, TCU is about to get demolished.  -8 was easy money.  Like robbing a bank with all the employees at the Christmas party.

Missouri – Memphis. Spread Memphis +9.5 -110 @1unit

I just really don’t feel that strong about this Tigers (Mizzou) team.  I think they win, but it’s close.

Iowa – Maryland. Spread Maryland +9.5 -109

Same thing here.  9.5 is just a big number for two Big10 teams not named Ohio State.  Maryland isn’t bad enough to lose to Iowa by 10, and Iowa isn’t good enough  to beat Maryland by 10


Nebraska – Minnesota U. Money Line Minnesota U +149
Washington State – Oregon. Money Line Oregon +125
It’s only 2 games, but I like both underdogs here to win outright.  If you wanted to throw in another sure-thing money line to make it 3 games for a better multiplier….I wouldn’t hate that move.