College Football Picks of the Week: Week 6. Making up Ground Edition.

Last week I came back down to  earth a little bit after  spending week 4 with the Gods on Mt. Olympus.  We’re chillin’ back at base camp if you will, as we’re still up on the year, shout out USC for winning late last Saturday on a 3 unit lock bet.  I’d also be remiss to note that my locks of the week are 3-0.

There aren’t many lines I loved this week, and the dumbest shit you can do is bet just to bet so here we go.  Not as many picks, but enough to shovel some dirt back on your bookmaker because the units are upped.

Iowa State Vs. Oklahoma State (-10)-My Bet: Iowa State +10. @1 unit

The Cowboys have been nothing  but hot and cold this year, with their colds being frigid and their hots being a mere lukewarm.  Iowa State took the Pokes down to the wire last year with a worse team than their 2018 version.  The Cowboys on the other hand, seemingly lost  their offense to the NFL.  If the QB you’re trotting out there has the name of “Cornelius” I’m putting exactly 0 trust in the guy.  Iowa State is the type of team that has a hard time getting blown out, as seen by them hanging around with the Sooners for the duration of that contest.  I don’t have enough trust in the OSU defense to get the turnovers necessary to cover this spread as Iowa State plays the ball control aspect of football magically.  With me dictating Bill Snyder as being dismissed from the  world of wizardry, I hereby proclaim Matt Campbell the new one.  Take a seat on the stool, and put the sorting hat over your eyes, Matt.  It’s time.

Notre Dame (-5.5) Vs. Virginia Tech-My Bet: Notre Dame (-5.5) @1.5 units.

Gonna admit, this one scares me a little bit but the line is at 6 now…so maybe I shouldn’t be? If it gets to 7 I would take the Hokies but I’m ridin’ with the Irish at 5.5 for the time being.  I wrote about the resurgent Irish offense with Ian Book HERE, but him going into Blacksburg at night is going to be a whole different animal than going to Winston-Salem for a game against Wake Forest.

Side Bar: Is Wake Forest the least thought about P-5 School in the country? Over/Under how many times someone outside of ACC Atlantic fandom thinks of Wake Forest in a given year set at 2.5

Anyways, back on topic.  This will be Book’s first legit road test which should scare you as a better, but it is also Notre Dame last ranked test (currently) of the season.  The Irish have emerged as legitimate playoff contenders and they have to see the light at the end of the tunnel after this game.  I suspect they come out with fire in their eyes and get the job done.  I do think the Irish slip up this year, I’m just prayin’ this ain’t it…chief.

Texas A&M Vs. Kentucky Over/Under 50.5 – My Bet: OVER @1.5 units.

This line looked to joosy not to pounce on.  I know neither team has set the scoreboard on fire this year, but  I think the A&M offense CAN score on the stout UK defense.  I also expect Bennie Snell to get the rock fed to him.  Folks…He good.  The TAMU defense isn’t necessarily bad per se, but they sure as shit ain’t good.

Locks Of The Week:

Washington State (-16) vs. Oregon State. WSU (-16) @2 units.

Good Rule of Gambling.  Bet against dog shit teams if the spread is under 20.  Currently Oregon State falls in to that category.  WSU can throw some points up.  Expect to see this line in the hail mary parlay.

California (-1.5) Vs. Arizona. Cal (-1.5) @3.5  units.

This line I can only assume is this low due to the home field advantage? It’s well known that home field advantage is usually worth around 3 points when setting the line.  I’m here to dispel that myth.  Maybe if you’re playing in Autzen, Death Valley(s), or Kyle Field.  Not in Tucson fuckin’ Arizona.  They don’t  give a shit about football on the West Coast.  Cal wasn’t worthy of their #24 ranking last week, but their good enough to beat the Wildcats by 1.5


Batting .500 on these so far, which if you’re unfamiliar, those are Hall of Fame numbers.  I ate a few points on these so I threw an extra pick in there.

Football – 335 Missouri/South Carolina under 66½ -150 buying 2 for Game.
Football – 337 Maryland +19 -150 buying 2 for Game. Maryland vrs Michigan
Football – 381 Kentucky/Texas A&M over 50½ -110 for Game. Kentucky vrs Texas A&M
Football – 367 Washington St -16 -130 buying 1 for Game. Washington St vrs Oregon St