What I’m Listening To on 9/27/2018: Lil Wayne-Playing With Fire.

This is the G.O.A.T  Lil Wayne song, do not @ me.

It’s also hard as hell to find, and it’s not on any streaming services so it’s almost like a secret song at this point.  Wayne used a sample from the Rolling Stones of all people, and got into some legal hot water over it.  Therefore, they ripped it off of Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and what not so it’s mostly lost to the masses.  Rappers like the old Wayne had a way of rapping where you just felt the emotions ooze out of them in certain songs, and this is the prime example.  Lil Wayne gets in his feels, but it’s not a moody song.  It’s angry but he’s not screaming.  Give it a listen.