What I’m Listening To on 09/25/2018: Josh Ritter-“Me and Jiggs”

Josh Ritter, first and foremost I must mention is my favorite artist of all time.  I also am seeing him this weekend, and got irrationally happy and watched some of his old stuff.  This is one a top 5 Ritter song, which for those who don’t know of him, is quite the task.  This is one of those songs that’s audio coffee.  You hear it and immediately jolt up.  You just think of all the good times doing random stuff with your friends, which is what the song is all about.  Nothing better than the warm feeling of camaraderie, and this song induces it.  I’m going to name my dog Jiggs when I take that plunge.

Shout out Cornucopia Fest in Flagstaff, AZ.  I’m going to a kids fall festival pumpkin patch sort of shindig for the sake of Josh Ritter.