What I’m Listening to on 09/21/2018:Tyler Childers-Charleston Girl

I think Mr. Childers was the first post in this franchise, but I could be mistaken.  I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about his prowess at singing because you can read that here.  In Tyler Childers SXSW introduction to the fans passage, the author was quoted as descibing Childers’ new album as

Purgatory is a chiaroscuro painting with darkness framing light in high relief. There’s catharsis and redemption. Sin and temptation. Murder and deceit. Demons and angels. Moonshine and cocaine. So much moonshine and cocaine. All played out on the large, colorful canvas of Eastern Kentucky.

Notice the bold words? Ya, this songs about tootin’ a lil’ coke and other things with a girl who sounds like shes quite addled in the head.  The guy is from appalachia Kentucky, so I’m sure he’s seen some shit.  Enjoy.