5 Things We Learned This Week in College Football.

1-Not even Vegas can figure out how good Alabama is:

Alabama gambling lines and final scores.

In the three games Alabama has played this season they haven’t just beat the spread each game.  They’ve obliterated it.  An average of nearly 20 points OVER the spread per game.  The Alabama/Ole Miss game was my lock of the week because I knew how bad Ole Miss is, and how good Alabama is.  I did not think however, they would cover the spread by a whopping 32.5 points  though in which will likely be the easiest cover for a lock this season.  Alabama is currently a 26 point favorite versus Texas A&M.

2-The Big-10. Woof.

Hand up.  I was wrong in this article when I claimed that if certain things fell the right way, the B1G could be better than the SEC.   This weekend the following things happened to the B1G conference.

  • Rutgers was crowned the shittiest team  in America
  • Wisconsin inexplicably lost to the mormons
  • Maryland, somehow the team that beat Texas lost to Temple
  • Nebraska, Illinois, and Northwestern all lost to G-5 teams too.
  • Purdue lost to their equivalent in the SEC
  • In one of the few bright spots, Ohio State beat a decent TCU team but looked vulnerable doing it.

Suffice it to say, this was a TERRIBLE week for the optics of this conference.  I’m a huge antagonist of the whole conference narrative when judging a team, made popular by the SEC in the mid-2000’s, but man…this just isn’t a good look.  This has no bearing on judging the quality of teams like Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State, but you’d be remiss not to realize come playoff selection the conference lost some luster.

Ohio State still looks like the best team in the conference to me, and survived against the best defense they will likely face all season with the exception of Michigan.  Surviving is all you can ask for in a game like that, but it still showed that the Buckeyes aren’t as invincible as they looked through the first two weeks.

3-It’s time for the Trevor Lawrence era to officially begin.

Look, I’m not here to bash Kelly Bryant, but Clemson is in the same boat as Alabama.  They have an incumbent QB who has led them to success, but there is a MUCH better albeit younger QB waiting in the wings.  I know it’s hard to bench the guy who led the team to a CFB appearance, but when push comes to shove and Clemson isn’t playing the Georgia Southerns of the world they are going to have to score points.  Trevor “Sunshine” Lawrence just brings so much more to the table in that regard than  Bryant.

4-Maybe we shouldn’t crown the Oklahoma defense just yet.

Through two weeks of action it looked like Mike Stoops Sooner’s defense had finally turned a corner.  They were playing fundamental and sound defense, gang tackling, and getting pressure on the quarterback with ease.  This week? 12 missed tackles, big plays and an absent pass rush until half way through the 4th quarter.  Mike Stoops perplexes the shit out of me.  In the fourth quarter, the Sooner’s got to the QB with ease when they brought pressure.  The perplexing bit, is that was the first time pressure was really dialed up.  Oklahoma secondary is based on the small and quick philosophy as opposed to the big and powerful one which is likely the better strategy in the Big-12 but when you face larger receivers like Iowa State has, you HAVE to be able to bring them to the ground.

This…this is less than stellar.

Oklahoma has an offense capable of leading them through the  Big-12 and to the CFP.  If they don’t fix this shit though, it will be a Rose Bowl repeat.

5-We need to pump the brakes on the Notre Dame hype train.

Notre Dame like Texas is ALWAYS a team that’s going to get more attention than they likely deserve, simply due to their brand and large following.  I was honestly very surprised with how Notre Dame handled Michigan early in the season.  Vanderbilt isn’t a bad team, and it’s a win versus a Power-5 team sure, but the Irish sure didn’t look like a team capable of beating Stanford.  Notre Dame’s schedule sets up pretty nice here on out to make a playoff run and a narrow win versus Vanderbilt  won’t do anything to hurt that, but if I were an Irish fan I would have extreme caution with all optimism.


It’s still early in the season, which means the landscape of College Football is still wide open.  We learned 5 important things this week though, and next week we’ll likely learn more.  Look for the 5 things we’ll learn next week blog coming out sometime this week.