What I’m Listening To on 9/15/2018: Sturgill Simpson-Time After All

1st things First: WAKE UP, ITS GAMEDAY!

2nd things second.  Sturgill Simpson is the best thing going on in the modern country revolution back to its roots that includes guys like Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Colter Wall, Jamey Johnson, and Tyler Childers (a close second).  I have a list of singers/bands that I want to see that I haven’t seen yet, and ole’ Sturg comes in second on that list.  That ends tonight.  He’s got a shit ton of quality music out there, and this is somewhat of an odd choice of his but it’s one of my favorites.  I used to go down deep Sturgill rabbit holes late at night, usually intoxicated and this was always my favorite and last to play before passing out.

Between his throwback voice and the experiences he can draw back on to write phenomenal songs, he’s the best thing going.  It’s (really not) a shame that Nashville won’t embrace a guy like this, seeing as his type made the city what it is today.  Instead they embrace bedazzled trash like Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt, but alas, the real ones know.

P.S: It’s from a different song, but Sturgill wrote a top 5 song lyric in my mind.

“Marijuana, LSD, Psylicybin, DMT; they all changed the way I see but love’s the only thing that ever saved my life”-Turtles All the Way Down.