What I’m Listening To on 08/30/2018: James McMurtry-You Got To Me

I’m off to a wedding starting tomorrow, so naturally a song about a September wedding has been rolling through my dome all day.  For those unfamiliar with James McMurtry, he’s been one of the preeminent voices in the Americana/Folk circuit for over two decades.  He’s somewhere on the spectrum between old hippie and spiritual shaman storyteller.  He also is simply put, one of the top songwriters in America right now.  This should not come as a surprise if you look at his lineage, his father Larry McMurtry wrote the infamous “Lonesome Dove” Western novel turned mega-popular mini-series.  There’s not really anything remarkable about his voice, and his music doesn’t have a catchy sound to it which may explain his lack of more mainstream accord, but his music just feels like easy America.  Not the hustle and bustle of a city, but a representation of a smaller and forgotten demographic of those in flyover states working their asses off to meet up at the rural saloon at night.  It’s almost a Steinbeckian approach to his songwriting, as they aren’t dramatic epics of harrowing tales, yet you feel interconnected to the characters and relate to them on a personal level.  And that, I believe is the greatest display of songwriting ability