What I’m Listening To on 08/24/2018: Dust Bowl Revival-Got Over

A little Folky Americana-ey tune for the romanticists out there.  A lotta reminiscent of guys like John Prine, and I feel like you can’t help but listen to this song and think of the 1930’s era of America.  One of my favorite aspects of music is the fact that it can’t transport you to any time or place if done correctly, and these guys hit those “O’ Brother Where Art Thou” era vibes about as good as anyone I’ve seen besides I think Old Crow Medicine Show.  In fact, and I swear this is the God’s honest truth…This version wasn’t the first pick of video because it’s not “truly” live.  The other video I picked didn’t have the sound quality I wanted, so in checking out other versions I found this:

“…evokes a Depression-era sensibility redolent of John Steinbeck, and the spirit-raising gospel of the American South.” — BOSTON GLOBE

Which means one of two things:

A-These cats are so good at portraying a musical setting that people from all over the country have similar thoughts running through their head…


and much more likely….

B-I have a good enough mind for music that I could get my own Boston Globe column.

I like to think it’s likely the latter, but then I’d have to live in fuckin’ Boston so I’ll take this little blog for now and be happy.  Anyways.  Give the good folks of Dust Bowl Revival a listen and tell me what you think in the comments.