What I’m Listening To on 08/15/2018: JJ Grey and Mofro-Lochloosa

Usually the comments on Youtube videos are saved for psychiatric relief, which is similar to comic relief, but instead of making you laugh it makes you feel good about yourself.  You see some REAL dumb shit out there, I’m saying laugh out loud absurdity, but in this instance “Brian Siciliano” hit the nail on the head calling this a mix of Otis Redding and Joe Cocker.  The stylistic renderings at the heart of the band follow an Otis Redding vibe, but JJ Grey’s voice is similar to the late Cocker. I call this “Delta Rock”, or “Swamp Rock”, similar to Jimmy Buffet and early Zac Brown Band being “Beach Rock”.  All of these artists have the unique ability to make you feel at a specific spot, regardless of if they’re actively singing about it (which he is in this song).  He talks quite a bit at the beginning of the video, but take a listen.  It’s not rambling like most concert talk, he’s got a very specific message about the places in our lives that are special to us.

“Someone told me, well, you just go there to escape reality. I thought about it…and I said nah, hoss, you got it backwards.  I go there to get TO reality…So long live places like Lochloosa”

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