What I’m Listening To on 08/14/2018: Amos Lee-Windows are Rolled Down (Live at Red Rocks w/ Colorado Symphony Orchestra)

Take a dose of this along with your coffee and I swear to God you will kick the day’s ass six ways from Sunday.   I’m not a big orchestra guy, mainly because I think it’s similar to seeing an opera or playing croquet in that no one enjoys doing it, it’s something stuffy people pretend to enjoy in order to impress their stuffy friends.  In my eyes, hell, if you’re going to get a stuffy hobby go for a wine-snob or whiskey-snob.  At least then I can drown your stuffy conversation out of my mind after 3 glasses.  That being said, when you bring in the orchestra as a secondary component to a guy like Amos Lee if just fits.  I don’t know what it is about it,  but it jooses the whole thing up to a spectacle of epic proportions.  Throw in also one of the most scenic venues in the world, and he’ll have you ready to take on the world.