What I’m Listening To 08/10/2018: Fruition-The Meaning.

Part Bluegrass, part soul, part jam band Jay Cobb Anderson and Kellen Asebroek make a lovely pair on the vocals that blend seamlessly Persian rug.  On top of being an incredible song, the fact they’re playing at the top of a kickass ski resort has me joosed up and pissed off. It’s like, a trillion degrees where I’m at.  I gotta get back to the mountains man.  Anyhow, want to just throw this out there as well.  Not sure if it does, but if this counts as a “venue” it automatically takes the top spot on most scenic venues of all time (R.I.P Shane McConkey).  You can have this on mute and enjoy the video, a sign of unreal cinematography.  Enjoy!