Early Mernin’ Yearnin’: What I’m Wishin’ on 8/10/2018

“Live to Die Happy”

I don’t plan on making these predominantly ski-centric, but damn.  After watching the video of Frution jammin out on top of Squaw Valley I couldn’t NOT think of Shane McConkey.  One of the original badass big-mountain skiiers, and just an all-around cool fuckin’ dude.  For those not in the know, do yourself a favor and watch his documentary.

He flipped the ski industry on it’s head by revolutionizing big mountains skiing when he more or less invented the fat ski.  His “beta” model if you will, was a water ski he strapped ski bindings on and hammered out a sick ass spine in Alaska that I’ll leave for another post.  Not edges or anything, on a ski made for your typical lake, this motherfucker skiied something probably .00001% of the world could handle.  I admire this man to an extent I’m not sure is paralleled.  Not because of how good of a skiier he was, but because of his attitude that was shown brilliantly in the documentary, and summed up by the quote at the top.  He just wanted to have some fuckin’ fun in life, and he did.  He continued pushing the envelope because he was an adrenaline junky who overtime got desensitized to stuff you and I would consider out-of-this-world crazy.  I don’t want to spoil the documentary, but in stepping the bar up higher and higher, his stunts eventually include things such as skiing off a cliff with a parachute deployed and eventually a cross-over of skiing and B.A.S.E Jumping.

The video posted is sick, but seriously, watch the documentary