What I’m Listening To on 8/09/2018: The Ghost of Paul Revere-This is the End.

This is the good shit right here.  Why music fuckin’ amazing.  Just a bunch of dudes jammin’ out together at a small venue and havin a god damn ball.  As musicians I’m sure you start out by dreaming of headlining places like Red Rocks, or Madison Square Garden or any number of stadiums.  However, if you fixate on that stuff, you miss out on all the good times you have during the struggle.  It’s great to have goals and to keep them constantly in your head, but if you don’t enjoy the work it takes to achieve them then what’s the damn point?  It’s awesome to see a bunch of talented smaller name guys puttin’ on a helluva show, some of ’em having a cocktail during the song (love that move btw), locking arms around their shoulders and just enjoying the shit out of the opportunity they are blessed with. Oh, and by the way, these guys were on Conan earlier this year so the come up is real.  They’re currently working their way up the festival scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them play later and later in the day as time goes by.