Early Mernin’ Yearnin’: What I’m Wishin on 08/08/2018

1st Edition Signed Copy, John Steinbeck-Sweet Thursday


One hill I will die on 100/100 times.  Used books are phenomenally better than new books.  Something about the smell of a used bookstore blows a place like Barnes & Noble outta the water.  Not that I have anything against the bookselling giant, I just love the nostalgia of walking in a usually old building, smelling the air, meeting the owner and knowing that you have entered his or her domain.  Your hobby of reading is literally that persons LIFE.  It revolves around books.  I guarantee they know more about books than your guy in the customer service desk at B&N.  I guess I like the simpler things in life like that, but anyways to the product at hand.  For a crisp $2,650 you can get your hands on the best American author of all-time, John Steinbeck’s John Hancock in the first edition of one of my favorite books he wrote. The thing about the Cannery Row/Sweet Thursday duo that makes them so magical, is that it is Steinbeck at his best and in his purest form.  There’s no major plot or big action sequences, it’s just a story about the inhabitants of a poor coastal town in Cali.  By the end of the book(s) though, you have a realistic image of not only Cannery Row, but of all of the characters and their personality’s.  Steinbeck the eternally elaborate wordsmith and setting builder, is at his best when he’s detailing the misadventures of a group of hobos known as Mack and the Boys in their tenemant, The Palace Flophouse.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.  It’s a short read at around 170 pages with multiple points where you can’t help but laugh.