In the Epitome of “Being About that Life”, Archaeologists Uncover a Tomb of a Warrior with a Prosthetic Hand/Knife.

People these days carry guns and think they’re hard.  Not a CHANCE they would have lasted in 6th Century Italy when they had guys like this rolling around town: Article

A sixth-century Lombard warrior buried in northern Italy appears to have worn a prosthetic weapon. A knife and buckle were discovered along with evidence that his forearm had been amputated. The stump was positioned across his chest and researchers identified a callus and bone spurs consistent with pressure from a prosthetic device. Significant wear on his teeth suggests he used them to tighten its straps.-Marley Brown, Archaeology magazine.

This is one of the more extreme cases of being About That Life I’ve seen in a while.  Buddy likely got his arm cut off in a battle, which’ll get you a discharge these days, and instead of coming back home to  be a house dad, he  made himself into literally a human weapon.  Talk about being strapped.  This guys arm-knife meant so much to him he got buried with it, taking it with him to whatever post-life place he believed in.  He liked shankin’ people so much he figured he might as well do it in the afterlife.  The sneaky best part of the article is the fact he had visible wear on his teeth from tightening the strap on that thing up.  Dude must have been quite busy doin’ his thing.