Training Camp reports on Baker Mayfield have Browns fans Yearnin’

I’m not sure if I’ll ever see another player like Baker Mayfield in my life.  He perfectly walked the line of cocky asshole, but not in the Johnny Manziel mold where his own University’s fans turned on him.  Sure, a lot of opponents hated him and their fans probably more so.   He told his little son Baylor he was going to spank them, drilled a TCU player in warmups, stabbed an OU flag on the logo of one of the most famous venues in the sport claiming it as his own, and grabbed his dick on the way to winning a heisman trophy.  I ate all that shit up, but I can see why others loathe him. I personally don’t think I’ll ever enjoy watching a player more than Baker but I am admittedly bias.

When it was his time to go pro, it was hard for me to gauge how I thought he would be as an NFL quarterback.  The uninformed analysts would tell you things like his stature, the offense he played in, and his style of play wouldn’t be conducive to playing in the NFL.  They may be correct, who knows.   I know for a fact though he made NFL throws as a college football player (Below), and that every single lineman on his Oklahoma teams were taller than him.

Roling out, Baker eludes a defender and throws an absolute DIME to Mykel Jones.  This throw is dripping with NFL level ability

Hell, his left tackle (Orlando Brown 6’7) was probably taller than any lineman he will ever have in the NFL.  Now, talking heads have to stir up drama, so I won’t bash them too much for doing their job.  They’re just wrong.  Here’s two things I don’t know.  I don’t know how good Baker will be in the NFL.  I also don’t understand why any NFL team would choose a player who was not good in college as a high draft pick.  To me, Baker was the obvious number one pick.  Not because I think he is a can’t miss prospect, but because he is simply a better football player than all of the other Quarterbacks.  Players like Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert all were drafted high based on potential.  None of those even made an All-Conference team, and none of them lasted long as a NFL starter.  I see Josh Allen falling into that category.

While Sam Darnold had much more college success than Josh Allen, he still was never a great college player.  I watched his USC team play in the Cotton Bowl, where they were  overmatched and dominated by Ohio State.  The stat-line looked real shitty for young Darnold, but I did see some throws he made where I saw the vision (GIFs below).  His problem is inconsistency, turnovers, and overall just looking like a robot in the pocket.

While these throws show that Darnold has the arm to be a pro Quarterback, I don’t think any of them are throws Baker couldn’t make or hasn’t made before.  My point being, I didn’t understand all the skepticism of drafting Baker #1.  Mostly because I don’t think any of the other Quarterbacks will be great at the next level.  Mayfield is the safest pick.  I personally don’t think there is any way he can be “bad” in the NFL.  He might not live up to the Drew Brees or Russell Wilson comparisons, but at worse I see his career being Alex Smith which I think is more than you can say for those drafted behind him.

Any how, whooo-boy!  Reports from the blue checkmark brigade at Browns camp have the poor fans of Cleveland thinking John Elway is under center.  Not sure if this is good or bad to have this much hype; but I am sure that as a huge Mayfield fan myself, they have me JOOSED THE FUCK UP!

Without further ado:

Just over a month away.



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